Sunday, November 8, 2009

Sundays are my most favorite days.

Whoa...that was one long weekend! Seriously, I feel like I haven't stopped since Friday morning. But, despite all the chaos, it was a pretty good weekend. It's just that it really flew by.

First of all, the past week's weather was absolutely stunning! I'm not kidding. And it's so bizarre because, even though we've had warm, summer-like days, there are still brown mounds of snow in places left over from the big snow we had about a week ago. I found out today that here in Colorado, they call it Indian Summer. Apparently, each year after the first big snow, they have much warmer than average days, and they call it Indian Summer. Well, I like it. The weather in CO is great because you get a little taste of everything. Well, everything except much rain. So it's great.

On Friday, I got to have lunch with Britt on her lunch break downtown, which was a wonderful treat, and I hope to continue each week. :o) Love you, Britt!

One of the things I'm really, really, super thankful for right now is that work is getting much better. If I've talked to you anytime in the last couple of weeks, you probably heard me vent a little about how stressful my job can be. I work at a great restaurant, but unfortunately it just happens to get pretty stressful and draining sometimes because of the fact that everything has to be perfect. Everything. I so much enjoy hospitality and treating guests well, but sometimes I can't enjoy it as much because there is an endless list of things I have to do just right. Anyway, lately I've just been constantly reminded of how much I need God. I am so aware that I need Jesus' strength all the time. So before I get to work, I have some prayer time, and I just ask God to give me strength, and love, and patience, and joy, and life, and humility. And I pray that he would help me be a good picture of him. And that I wouldn't be so anxious to be recognized for the times I go out of my way, but that I would find joy in serving others and offering kindness to every person I work with. I know that he has answered my prayers, so I also continue to pray that he would keep me from ever forgetting my desperate need for him and thinking I can do it on my own. He is absolutely, unquestionably the only source of true, abundant life, and of joy and peace. I crave that I would bring his grace to the workplace he has provided for me.

This blog wouldn't be complete without random thoughts, of course:

Thought #1: My Mom has always told me, "Bloom where you're planted." I think that's really good advice, and I still think of it often. You're a smart cookie, Mom, and I look up to you tons. :o)

Thought #2: Since I'm getting more settled in (In a couple of days, it'll be a month since I moved to Denver! Crazy!), I'm now working a little harder on my bike training. I'm so excited, because I'm seeing big results, and getting pretty fast. It's fun :o)

Thought #3: Church tonight was fantastic! (That's why Sundays are my favorite days. I freaking love my church home!) We had a special guest who is a singer/songwriter. I think his name was either Justin McRoberts or Jason McRoberts. Anyway, he was really great. So he sang some songs and he said some really good stuff. He also spoke about Compassion International. I'm not writing to put in a plug for Compassion, though I do think they're a great organization. I'm writing because he made a really great point I've never heard before. He talked about how we might have questions about how the money that's donated is used, and he said those are good questions, and he'd be happy to answer them. But, he asked, could we be that way with our other expenses, too? Do we act the same way with our clothes or food? Are we financially consistent? It's a fantastic question, I think. He also challenged us to be purposeful and ask ourselves how we are spending our lives. The services are always great, and if you want to hear them, you can go to the website and listen to the podcasts. They're at www.
Oh, and after church, I went out for coffee with some friends from church. Having friends is fun. know, after moving to a new place. Doing normal things and having a life are good.

Thought #4: Yesterday my iPhone case broke. It was a plain, white case. Today I replaced it, and pretty much have the cutest case ever now. It is winter-ish colored light blue, and has the Paul Frank monkey wearing red earmuffs and with white snowflakes. I love it. :o)

Thought #5: Hmmm....I'm not sure I've got anything else tonight. Oh wait! Yes, I do! And it's very random. This is a shout out to my fellow Ride:Well-ers. There is a teeny tiny little log cabin near my house that you can drive up to. The sign says: "Coffee Cabin: Burritos and Smoothies." Everytime I see it I think of my team. We had lots and lots of breakfast burritos and lots and lots of smoothies on our tour. Plus, I just think it's a hilarious combination.

The end.

Sweet Dreams.



  1. I woke up thinking it would be a great thing to find a new blog post and there it was! Smiles and tears....I get these from you all the time!
    I am so thankful for who He has created you to be! What a fragrant flower you are...

    God is FAITHFUL!!

    I love you!

  2. I, too, loved having lunch with you! Wasn't Boney's great?

    So glad to hear things are getting better at work. Sometimes all it takes is changing your mindset, and you're so introspective as to see that and be intentional about changing it. I look up to you.

  3. we have indian summer in tennessee too. lol.
    katie and i were at crema this morning for breakfast, and we were saying how great it's going to be to all be together again at Christmas. :)
    love you!

  4. I'm loving your posts. Keep them coming!