Thursday, November 19, 2009

Bike Trails, Christmas Gift Ideas, and Good TV?

Yesterday I finally got to check out the Denver bike trails. Good job, Denver...they were excellent. And I didn't even get to go that far, so I have lots of miles left to explore. In the middle of my ride, I got a call from a coworker to work her evening shift, so I turned around early and rushed home. Turned out she wasn't feeling well, so I'm glad I could help. I think I'll be able to go on a longer ride tomorrow. Oh yeah, one more thing. In the middle, I really needed to use the restroom but there were no businesses anywhere. Finally, I saw this huge building, and even though I had no idea what it was, I just hoped they were nice people. Turns out it's this company called Teletech...I still have no idea what they are, but they are very nice, and said to come anytime. So, attention fellow riders...if you find yourself needing to use the restroom while on the C-470 trail, visit the nice people at Teletech :o)

Tonight on TV, I saw a very different sort of special: Top 20 Celebrities Gone Good. How cool is that? It showed 20 different stars who have been especially involved with various charities. You know, like Lance Artmstrong, Bono, Angelina Jolie, and Alicia Keys. Personally, I just thought it was pretty great to be showing something so much more positive than the crap that typically dominates our television sets. And by the way, one great thing was that they didn't spend much time on how many thousands or millions of dollars each person had given, but did focus on their character and what kind of person they are. It was refreshing.

Need ideas for interesting Christmas gifts? Oh, you do? Well, I have some good ideas for you! I recently found out about these really cool gift cards you can find at,, or You can choose any amount, and the person you give the gift certificate to gets to choose which charity to give to! (The three websites each have a huge list of charities, some more than others. You should check out the options to see which has the most charities that you support.) I just thought that was pretty cool. Here's another idea...cute personalized magnets...check out the great styles available at Another...this super practicle coffee cup sleeve with a handle for $5 from (I got these ideas from the new Real Simple magazine, and there are lots more!)

Random Thought Time!

Thought #1: Tonight the pineapple I bought was finally ripe enough to cut, and it was amazing! Fresh pineapple is always better than canned pineapple...and cheaper!

Thought #2: The fact that I get my clothes drycleaned makes me feel like a grown up. I just won't tell the people at the cleaners that I actually work in a restaurant. I will just pretend I am CPA or an attorney...Erin Morris, Ph.D. ...yeah, like I could ever actually pull that off...haha. If I am ever a professional, my outfit will not be a suit, but spandex :o) Yep, that's my kind of professional!

Thought #3: I love doing laundry. But it has to be all at once. I even always make sure I put on perfectly clean clothes right before I do the laundry. Because I love how it feels for all of my clothes to be clean :o) It's just one of the little things that makes me happy.

That's all. Sweet Dreams.


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