Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Exciting News, Chocolate Covered Strawberries and other delights of life

Making chocolate covered strawberries for people is one of my favorite things. Tomorrow morning, I'm going to make some to take in to work with me. I'm super excited. Also, I just have to say I make some of the best chocolate covered strawberries ever. Honestly, though, it's really not that hard at all. There are just a couple tricks most people don't realize. First of all, you have to dry off the strawberries after you wash them. If you don't, the chocolate will slip off. Second, the chocolate should be a mix of semi-sweet chocolate chips as well as those chocolate baking brick things, equal parts. Also, don't refrigerate them too much...the chocolate will separate and fall off easily. Other than that, just get yummy strawberries with pretty leaves. And if you want them to be extra special, melt some white chocolate, too, and drizzle it over the milk chocolate after it's dry.

Tonight I didn't have to work, so I got to go to a Scum small group. That was super exciting, because the people are pretty awesome, plus the conversation is pretty great. I'm so glad I got to go!

I have pretty exciting news! I've joined a racing team. My coach said being a part of a team is really important in racing. So I found out about an awesome new team. IC3 is the International Christian Cycling Club, and they have a Colorado club. Yesterday, I got an e-mail newsletter from IC3 Colorado that talked about a women's team, and I was super excited about the possibility of joining. I told my coach, Michael, and he said that would be an excellent team to join since it's for women and also because they have a great reputation and have produced some very successful cyclists. So I talked to the lady in charge, who is semi-pro, and found out that she lives in my town and is willing to ride with me! She is so sweet and very excited about me joining. There will be 2 groups: a cat 1/2 group of 3 semi-pro women, and a developmental cat 3/4 group. I'm so thankful for this awesome opportunity and can't wait to start riding and racing with this great group of women!

Now for my random thoughts:

Thought #1: Today I got the best fuzzy slippers ever. From Wal-Mart...who knew? I feel like I am walking on, fuzzy clouds. :o) I have figured out that these are non-negotiable in Denver.

Thought #2: One of my most favorite drinks of all time is Odwalla Mango Tango, but it's so expensive! Today I found out that they are on sale at Vitamin Cottage, our local natural grocery store. That was a pretty wonderful surprise. I also got sweet potato fries, which I had for dinner, and thought of Alicia :o) I really hope she sees this.

Thought #3: There is a meteor shower coming!!!!!! November 16th @ 11pm - November 17th @ 4am. I so can't wait! Apparently, from here the meteor showers are so clear and you see so many shooting stars. Just have to hope the skies are very clear that night!

Thought #4: As of yesterday, I think, I have lived in Denver for a month! That seems so crazy to me. I still feel like I just got here. After living in Nashville basically my whole life until a month ago, knowing lots of people and places and being incredibly familiar with the area, it's pretty tough to move to a place where absolutely nothing is familiar. But I'm realizing that if everything's easy, we're probably missing out on something. God has held my hand all the way. And things are finally feeling a little more familiar. Most importantly, my church home really does feel like home. Having a local church family is so important, I think. If you ever make plans to come visit me, please make sure you will be here on a Sunday night, so I can take you with me! :o)

Thought #5: I feel like this blog might be a little lame, because I'm too tired to expand on some things and take time to articulate thoughts really well. I just wanted to go ahead and say some stuff while it's on my mind. I'll try to do better next time :o) But for now, I'm off to bed to get up early and make some yummy chocolate covered strawberries.

That's all. Sweet Dreams.



  1. Erin, since you have those clear skies over in Parker, we should totally do a meteor shower watch party on your deck! Would Randy be up for that? I think it would be super fun...even if it were just you, me, and Grant. :-)

    Congrats on finding a riding team! I know that's super exciting for you. Hopefully this will be another way to meet people and do something you love.

  2. There is no such thing as a lame blog. :) the point is to write about what's on your mind! haha! I wish I had some chocolate covered strawberries right now, and I hope your sweet potato fries were yummy! Love you! Miss you! WOW that month went by fast!

  3. So happy that you are settling into Denver, job and church home. God is good! I would love to go to church with you on Sunday night sometime. Keep writing, I enjoy your random thoughts, too.