Thursday, November 5, 2009

hi! I confess I sort of felt this pressure to have a really cool, perfect first blog entry. Then I decided that was dumb. So now, instead of waiting [and waiting] to have this perfect first blog entry, I'm just going to go ahead and say the random things I want to say...which, to be honest, is much more fitting for me.

And now, for today's random thoughts from me...

Thought #1 First of all, I
finally decided to start a blog. I always have random things to say. But, also, I sometimes have things I just really want to say. Important things. But I just don't always write them. Because sometimes I think what I have to say isn't quite as eloquent as something you could read somewhere else. But I need to remember that what I have to say is important and someone just might want to hear it. So here's my blog of both incredibly random as well as sincere thoughts. I always mean what I say, and if you imagine that I'm smiling as I'm typing, you'll usually be right. :) Oh yeah, and plus, I finally thought of a name for my blog, so that helped. :) I pretty much feel like my life is a joy ride...the REAL thing! Because I love to ride my bike. And I even believe that I can worship God when I ride my bike. And I have joy. Lots of it. All the time. Especially when I ride my bike. Because it's something God gave me, and I believe when we're more fully being the person God created us to be, it glorifies him. Make sense?

Thought #2 One of the things I really like about where I live right now is that at night I can see both city lights and tons of *stars*. I really love both of those, but most of the time you can't see both at the same time. But when I walk outside at night here, I can.

Thought #3 I have a new favorite food thing...peanut butter and honey on a blueberry bagel. If that sounds weird, try it before you judge me!

Thought #4 I'm starting to consider going on another
Venture Expeditions trip next summer. (This past summer, I had the amazing opportunity of being on the Ride:Well Tour '09 Team. It's a bike ride accross the country to raise funds and awareness for Blood:Water Mission, an organization that empowers communities in the fight against the HIV/AIDS and clean water crises in Africa. Venture is the organization that partnered with Blood:Water to make the tour happen.) They've got many trips planned for next summer, and this time many of them will benefit anti-human trafficking efforts, which is one of my greatest passions. So I'm praying about if I should be a part of it again, and which tour to do. If you want to join with me in prayer about it, that would be pretty great. Plus, you should consider going on one of the many incredible tours!

Thought #5 Another food thing...haha. Yesterday I discovered cocoa roasted almonds 100 calorie packs...yumm. nuff said.

The end.
Sweet dreams.



  1. Erin, This blog post is soooo YOU! And so is the title. Love it. Keep up the awesomeness.

  2. Erin, that is awesome! I'm considering doing a blog as well. You have encouraged me to "just do it". Thanks. I love your blog JUST the way it is. It is you and that is what it should be. Luv U