Wednesday, December 2, 2009

I love my crazy, weird, hilarious, challenging, peaceful, beautiful life.

Sorry, folks, for the very long pause. Here is a much needed update.

Here are some of the facts of my current life:

I am a whimp. Well, mostly just when it comes to the cold weather. I am most definitely still not adjusted to this cold Colorado winter weather. Tonight we are supposed to have a low of 5 degrees. Oh man. I crave fresh air, so I don't like being stuck inside at all.

I am moving downtown! A sweet new friend from Scum, Jenny Holmes, offered to rent her guest room out to me. Her house is so cute, and I'm so, so excited about being closer to church and friends. I will not miss the 45 minute to an hour drive downtown.

I am so thankful for Brittany's and my new tradition of a weekly lunchdate. I love my Britt and I love quality time, so it is a beautiful combination.

(If you are reading this, and you are my friend, and you live in Denver, and you like quality time, too, I think it would probably be a good idea for us to do something about that...let's get coffee or something. That would make me smile.)

I have discovered a very yummy new meal...a delicious, healthy alternative to burgers and fries. Last night I made a bruschetta tomato basil parmesan veggie burger on a whole wheat bun with sweet potato fries and sea salt. Oh yes, YUMM!

I have some really wonderful new friends here. I'm really, really thankful for them. And the memories that are being made. Like Thanksgiving dinner with some Scum girls at Kimberly Claire and Christina Lynch's apartment. And the apple pie that Katie Daniel made that was one of the best ever. Seriously...melt in your mouth apple pie.

I have lots to look forward to, both in the distant future and the not to distant future! Check it out...

This weekend, aside from 2 full days of work, I have lots of fun things to do. Friday is the debut of the new art exhibit at the 11th Ave Gallery. The art has been done by some guys from the Denver Rescue Mission, and what I've seen so far is amazing. Also, Saturday night is the Scum Family Christmas Party. Sunday nights are super casual and nobody really dresses up, so the party will be formal. Aw, it will be so fun. And of course the best part of my week...Sunday night Scum.

I will be home in 20 days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh man, I can't even describe how excited I will be to see my family and my Alicia! My family and best friends are so incredibly important to me, and I'm a little obsessed with how amazing they are. If you've been around me for long at all, I'm sure you've noticed. Also, I'm thinking about getting my nephew Jones Sodas with his picture on them for Christmas :)

If you haven't heard, next summer I'm going on a cross-country bike tour AGAIN! This time I'll be leading a tour from Washington State to Long Island to raise funds and awareness for the fight against human trafficking.

Thank you, Lord, for this beautiful life. It may have some scraggly edges, but I love it.