Monday, January 4, 2010

A Tender Tennessee Christmas is the Only Christmas for Me!

My trip home was so needed and so, so good. My family and friends are so dear to me. I recently wrote that I am obsessed with how amazing they are, and I think that does describe it quite well. Anyway, going home for Christmas was wonderful. Here is sort of a picture story of my time home.

*I got my Dad and brother Colorado bike jerseys for Christmas :)

*I don't have any pictures of this, but I was really happy that I got to cook with Mom some. I also got a lot of cooking gadgets for Christmas. When the tornado destroyed my dorm kitchen almost two years ago, I lost all of my kitchen things I had just gotten for Christmas, and still hadn't replaced them.

*Mom and I also got to spend a day at the mall and Cheesecake factory, one of our favorite things to do when I come home to visit.

*I got to travel to Jackson for a day to see my second family. I love these kids, and I'm so thankful we are still family even though I have moved far away.
*This is Aiden, their new baby. He is precious.
*Jack wanted to go to my ears! Misty said that he loves watching hockey and has mentioned that he wants to play, so she asked me to see what I thought...if he could do it or not. Well, for most of our time skating, he kept falling constantly. I really thought at first that he just seriously could not get it (most kids can get the hang of it after a few minutes). Anyway, I finally figured out that he actually just really liked to fall. He was even trying to make me fall. He could run on his toe picks, too. I think he's just really agressive on the ice, which I guess would make him possibly a great hockey player. :o)
* I got to spend tons of time with Jack, and I LOVED it! I was so spoiled, and I miss him so much already. Isn't he the sweetest? He loves to cuddle still, and I hope it lasts awhile.

*We also had a surprise 80th birthday party for my Dad's Mom, Gigi.

* I also got to spend some time with a couple of my very best friends, Alicia and Katie. The second picture is from when Alicia and I went to Crema and Lacey was working. We were very glad to see her.
* This didn't happen in TN, but I'm going to post it here anyway. Yesterday, Brian Elliot (a teammate from the Ride:Well Tour) came to visit! He was my first guest since living in my new house, and I was so happy to see him!
Basically, it was a very wonderful Christmas.
The end.

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