Monday, January 4, 2010

random thoughts from the last month

Thought #1: Accents. When I went home for Christmas, I noticed everybody's accents more than ever! Also, when I lived in the South, I sometimes said that I didn't think I had an accent. People would say, "You may not notice it here, but you do. If you went somewhere else, they would think you had a southern accent." Well, it turns out, they don't. People often ask me, "How are you from the South and don't have an accent?" I'm not making it up...I hear it all the time.

Thought #2: I don't know how many people actually floss regularly. Maybe I was just behind. Nevertheless, I am very proud to say that I now floss daily and have for a couple months. Haha. I guess that's a small accomplishment and a strange one to share, but I'm happy that I've finally gotten in the habit. It is just a small thing that makes me quite happy.

Thought #3: Well, more a fact than a thought. I finally moved downtown, to the Congress Park area. :o) I no longer live 45 minutes at least from church, but less than 10! So now I can see friends more often, do more fun things, and spend far less money on gas. I'm hoping to have a moving-in potluck next week, so friends can see where I live.

Thought #4: Whole Foods has tuna salad with cranberries. I have never seen that combination before. It is wonderful.

Thought #5: My New Year's Eve did not go as planned. My car died that evening for the third time in about a month or so. I was so bummed because I had really fun plans to meet Brian Elliot (from my Ride:Well Team) and watch fireworks from Pikes Peak, and I couldn't go. After a short pity party, I reluctantly realized that it was a blessing in disguise. As a culture, we are addicted to noise. (If you haven't seen it, you should watch Rob Bell's Nooma video called Noise. You can see it on YouTube right now, but I bet they'll take it down go watch it now.) In the video, Rob Bell says that in 1970-something, to record 60 minutes of pure quiet took 30 hours. Now it takes 2,000 hours. (I might not have gotten that exactly right, but that's at least close if not right.) And it's not just audible noise; it's visual noise, too. I personally like to have music playing all the time. At home in Nashville, I have a shower radio so I can listen to music while showering. Anyway, one of my goals for 2010 was to become more comfortable with silence and solitude. So, the thing I reluctantly realized, was that being alone that night, without even a TV at the house so I could see the ball drop, was perhaps the most appropriate way to start the New Year. Instead of stepping into 2010 accompanied by lots of noise, I entered it quitely in prayer.

Thought #6: I recently saw my favorite ice skating program to date. It's a Sale & Pelletier program to a song called Molly, and it is absolutely breathtaking.

I have many more random thoughts to share, but I will stop here for now. I promise the break until my next post will be shorter this time.

Happy, hopeful New Year!




  1. How do either of us get away with being Southern and no one noticing an accent?

  2. So happy to catch up with your blog. I look forward to checking you out and your activities. Thanks
    We were so sorry that we missed you Christmas. Next time we come to town, hopefully we can visit you. Luv U girl!